That was whispered from the girl at the bar after she received another compliment from yet, another older man. Being beautiful, natural or manipulated, is a job. Some compliments are given without expectations but many are given with hope. Will she be interested? Is she single? If she is not single, is she loyal? Will she cheat? Beautiful women are approached from various angles of attack with complements targeting their weakest line of defense, their vanity.

Men want to connect: to their social media account, to their online existence, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, and to their cell phone number. Men have been conditioned by society to be attracted to beauty, real or not. Women, if not naturally beautiful, tend to hide behind makeup. They are trained to feel more powerful and confident with a painted face like a warrior. Some wear makeup for themselves but many wear makeup to meet the expectations of others. So in today's society, makeup is a mask – a warrior’s mask
for confidence, a mask of beauty, altered and worn to impress, not just the opposite sex, but sometimes, the same.

Society has learned to lie. Women want to fit in, to represent a perceived style of beauty through cosmetics and fake hair extensions, fake nails, fake eyelashes, fake... everything. So what or who is really underneath? When a woman thinks about makeup, she feels it is a necessity of living. Most men do not wear makeup, so why do women feel the need to be so beautiful?

This writer believes it comes down to acceptance. Women accept men for the traits that they have in their lives. Women are looking for mutual respect, to be treated as an equal, for a good communicator, someone who is honest, trustworthy, and responsible. Good looking
doesn't really stay on the top of the list. Women are more interested in kindness, patience, emotional maturity, security, and someone that is supportive.

Women have a keen eye and see men as a long term investment. Men see women as a short term investment. Hence the heavier importance to beauty and youth, which is the reasons women are pushed into the painted faces and even, the surgical enhancements and alterations.

The man in the bar, who heard the young woman with a stunning natural beauty respond, “If I wasn't beautiful, I would be fake,” was not surprised. He smiled because the statement was bold and true. He bid her goodnight as he saved her number in his phone. He was now connected to a new stranger, with hope.

Main Image Photo Credit DepositPhotos.com  Verlen4418