Dating a Vegan

One of the worst things a man hates to ask a woman on their first date, is what do you want to eat? Comedians make fun of this all the time and it is funny because every man has experienced it. A popular response by women is 'I don't know.' but the more dangerous and challenging response is, 'I am a vegan'.

First we need to understand what they are saying. There are various types of vegan, most are no meat, and no dairy. Then there vegans that can be as strict as absolutely no animal products and this philosophy is based on limiting the exploitation of animals. The main four groups of vegans are Ethical vegans, Environmental vegans, Health vegans, and Religious vegans, but no matter which group, you need to find your date something to eat. Here are two quick lists to guide you:

Short list that vegans avoid such as :
- meat
- chicken
- eggs
- dairy

The Vegan do-to list of what is acceptable to eat:
- bean burrito
- veggie burger
- smoothies
- nachos and salsa
- sandwiches; and 
- pasta dishes

Key ingredients of Vegan foods:
- beans
- lentils
- tofu
- nuts
- seeds
- Plant milk
- fruit
- vegetables

A great plan when dating is to have 4 restaurants in mind, now this is before you know her eating habits or life choices. I have an Italian restaurant, a burger place (not fast food), an Asian place, and of course, a Vegan restaurant.

Now you are ready to win her heart through food :) As a Canadian blog writer, I leave you this. 

Main photo credit stockasso