Oegema Nicholson Insurance


Oegema Nicholson Insurance
1451 Woodroffe Avenue

Knowing that any of our offices are right around the corner, or that you can pick up the phone and call any one of our staff here in Ottawa makes a big difference to our clients. As an independent broker, we are not limited to any particular insurance provider, thus allowing us to create comprehensive plans specific to your needs that take advantage of the best solutions and pricing on the market.

This, coupled with our attention to detail, dedication to you as a client, and “always on your side” mentality is what makes choosing an insurance broker – or rather us – your best insurance of all.

Allstate Insurance


Allstate Insurance
462 Hazeldean Rd

Considering some car insurance choices in Ottawa? For both on-the-go and leisurely drivers, Allstate’s first-rate coverage and excellent customer service ensures that your vehicle is protected for every situation.

All Ottawa drivers are unique and so, to feel at ease, we enable you to create a coverage plan that caters to your specific needs. See how our car insurance compares to the competition

Tanner Insurance


Tanner Insurance
2435 Holly Lane Suite 200

Tanner Insurance has been serving its customers for over 85 years. Throughout this time, we’ve grown with our communities to become an integral part of our client’s lives. As your local insurance brokers, we feel we understand the individual needs and issues of our clients and the communities we serve.

Tanner Insurance was founded by Allan R. Tanner in 1922. From our first location in Vars, Ontario, we have enjoyed steady growth and have become recognized as one of the leading insurance brokerages in Eastern Ontario.

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