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Our spacious studio, 1 and 2 bedroom suites are perfect for families and business travelers.
We are Pet Friendly. Romantic packages feature suites with ensuite jacuzzi.


2010 C8 Corvette 

The next-gen Corvette features a mid-engine sports car with a more rigid frame, more storage, removable roof panel, lowered cowl,and a driver's domain that is tailored to your comfort and use.

The C8 Corvette Canadian price is... read more

Why ottawa is ranked one of the top cities in the world

Ottawa has festivals. Ottawa Lumiee festival Aug 24, Nordstock Music Festival Aug 9-11, Friends Tour VIP Upgrade Sept 22, and Canada Day July 1st. So Ottawa, it is time to party - all year.

A family Time capsule


Like father like daughter, the 4th generation of the Watch Clinic.

Looking back through time, you could have watched Vivian Schenker growing up in the Bank street, Ottawa store, the Watch Clinic. Her father, Steven, purchased the building in 1980 and has been operating the store for 58 years. For four generations, Vivian's family has been in the jewelry and watch business: it all started in a small store in budapest, Hungary, many many years ago.

Benefits of the beach


Read the top ten benefits of the beach.

The ocean creates negative ions as the waves crash against the shore. Research has shown that these neagative ions help us both with out physical and mental health. Read more...

Lorenzo's Pizzeria


Lorenzo's Pizzaria

Try our delicious Lorenzo's Special Pizza and Sub, Spaghetti with Meatballs and more. 

2201 Arch Street, Ottawa


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Top Travel Destinations
Our Top Ten Puerto Vallarta restaurant list includes some of the best places to eat, the best chefs, and the top restaurants in the Puerto Vallarta area.

New Movies in 2019

From Avatar to Wonder Woman 2, 2019 will have some big box office sequels/ 2019 looks like a big sci-fi year for movie lovers.

Hustle Trailer May 15 2019

The Hustle trailer starring Anne Hathaway! Guaranteed to make you laugh. A top ten pick for 2019.

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Residences Sky Bar

Embrace Music in 2019

Music not all music is the same

Amazing Dance Audition

Dating a woman in her 30's, needs a man that understands what her needs are. Here are the top ten dating tips for understanding a woman in her 30's.


How to make your Online Profile better.

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